ShaleTrak Royalty Management Software

Oil and Gas Royalty Management Software

Tired of dealing with those complicated royalty check stubs and paperwork? ShaleTrak is now offering Data Entry Services to help efficiently organize your mineral and royalty management. Contact us for more information.

All of your Data, All in one Place

All of your Data, All in one Place

With ShaleTrak Online, all of your uploaded data and scanned documents are backed up online and accessible anywhere when you log onto your account – Compatible with all web browsers and mobile platforms including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, & Safari.

Responsive web design to provide access from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Easy-to-Use, Web-Based Oil and Gas Royalty Management Software

Easily manage your monthly royalty payments – simply login, enter your check stub data each month and use ShaleTrak’s specialized system to keep an eye on deductions, adjustments and

Interact with ShaleTrak’s intuitive Royalty Dashboard and create customized reports illustrating your oil and gas royalty information.

Easy-to-Use, Web-Based Oil and Gas Royalty Management Software
Accurately Document Deductions and Adjustments

Accurately Document Deductions & Adjustments

Tired of trying to keep up with all those complicated deductions and past month’s adjustments? ShaleTrak Online makes it easy to follow all of the changes to your royalty and locate underpayments fast.

Review volumes, unit prices, royalty interest calculations, deductions, adjustments and more with ShaleTrak’s royalty audit reports and calculation utilities.

Organization, Collaboration & Protection

Need to share your data with a family member, CPA or Attorney? Grant access to your ShaleTrak data and reports online so everyone can be on the same page. Access you grant can be revoked at any time as needed with the click of a button.

Organization, Collaboration and Protection

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