Oil and Gas Mineral Management Solutions

ShaleTrak offers all levels of oil and gas mineral management. Whether you need full management on all production, or help with an issue on a specific well or lease, ShaleTrak has what you need. Our professionals will provide comprehensive analysis of your data along with the necessary research to address issues found in our analysis.

ShaleTrak’s services are unique because we offer customized reporting which summarizes a variety of common issues including deductions, gas unit price discrepancies, royalty interest calculation, 1099 tax form verifications, and more.

In the event an underpayment or other error is found in your records, ShaleTrak is there to step in and address the issue directly with your Lessee or Operator. ShaleTrak has helped many of our clients recover royalty underpayments quickly and effectively by working with the land, accounting and division order departments of the exploration companies. If your issue requires litigation, ShaleTrak is there to provide comprehensive summaries and reports that will give your attorney everything they need to represent your interests.

Contact ShaleTrak today to help with your mineral and royalty management.

GIS | Mapping

ShaleTrak, LLC in conjunction with Red River IT Consulting, LLC offers a large variety of customized Geographic Information System and Mapping solutions designed to meet our client’s needs. We can help develop and build an entire property Geographic Information System containing property boundaries, land usage/coverage, oil/gas units, well rig/bottom hole coordinates, pad site locations, roads, fences, building footprints, etc.

We also offer high resolution aerial raster imagery maps. We print all of our maps in-house and can print on a variety of media as large as 44″ wide by any length. Take a look at a few of our examples listed below and contact us for your GIS needs.