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ShaleTrak is a full service royalty and mineral management group offering customized solutions to mineral and royalty owners. ShaleTrak specializes in customized data management solutions, Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.), and in-depth oil/gas industry knowledge to offer a complete management package.

Our group actively serves clients within the Gulf States area as well as throughout producing regions across the United States. ShaleTrak is consistently expanding our services, including a new web-based software www.ShaleTrakOnline.com allowing owners to better manage their royalty payments. Please take a look around the site to explore our services and solutions.

Shaletrak mineral and royalty management solutions

What we offer

Oil | Gas Industry Knowledge

Researching the latest news, events and trends in the Oil & Gas industry

Royalty Management Software

Customized Royalty Management Software Applications developed for mineral owners, by mineral owners

GIS Mapping Solutions

Specialized Oil and Gas Geographic Information System & Mapping solutions

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